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Car Free Leeds - Otley

Our team of Carl, Rachael and Steph took play to the streets of Otley 22nd September

Post by Rachael Buble - one of the Playful Crew and Maker of giant bubbles

The rain held off exactly as long we needed it to as we brought joy to Boroughbridge in Otley on Sunday for #CarFreeDay; we only got a bit wet while we put the Wonderdome together, which made it a perfect climate for pavement chalk and giant bubbles.

 Families came and played, covering the dome in ribbons, making pompoms aplenty and colouring in the road markings to brighten things up. Breeze were there with an exciting beat the buzzer game, tennis and lots of colouring in too, and the Town Criers on parade after their competition made it all seem extra fancy. 

Morris dancing provided some retro entertainment later on, but everyone was soon drawn back down our end of the street by bubbles and pompoms. We were sad to have to start packing up, but the rain had returned to aid in our motivation.

Images by Carl and Rachael

Playful Otley_04.jpg
Playful Otley_14.jpg
Emma Bearman